Polaris Utility Locate Manager

Polaris 3.1 is a fully integrated application and web interface, serving the Damage Prevention industry for locate ticket dispatching and workforce management. Polaris 3.1 takes advantage of state of the art internet technology to monitor, receive and dispatch tickets, response, and statistics over normal internet connections. Polaris can be run on any Workstation, Tablet, Laptop, and Palm Pilot taking advantage of Microsoft Windows operating systems.

  • Reception of locate tickets from multiple One Call Centers.
  • Reception of locate tickets to multiple locations, workstations, and remote computing.
  • Reception of locate tickets for multiple member codes to each and/or every station.
  • Integrated biling system for contract locators.
  • Ability to suspend tickets at your master station, respond to known clear tickets, and then route tickets to other stations, contractors, locators and mobile stations.
  • Mobile stations can receive and respond to tickets in the field, live over wireless internet connections, or update with master stations through docking stations each day.
  • Ability to route tickets as they are received to email accounts for out of area locators.
  • Polaris 3.1 web interface allows for monitoring and management of tickets from any location with internet access. Ability to see status of all members tickets, view and print any ticket live or archived, make response, and make detailed statistics reports for tickets, locators, and type of responses.
  • Audible emergency alert, which allows users to react to high priority tickets faster, and built in paging system for on call locators.
  • Customizable view screens, locator info, and printing options.
  • Polaris 3.1 operates through redundant SQL servers, and internet connections for fast and reliable transmissions of locate tickets and positive responses.
  • Archive and re-print of tickets, meaning no re-send cost, better record keeping to process damage claims efficiently.
  • 24/7 tech support and status monitoring of all stations.
  • Log onto www.polaris-ulm.com as "demo" for a live demonstration of the web features, or Call 804-452-4849 today for more information, or for a free 30 day setup and trail.